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3 Ways to Style Up Old Books


I would like to call myself an avid reader but these days I find myself digging through the old book pile and reusing them for crafting. These are just a few of the many creative ideas that you can use to reinvent old and dated books, while adding some creative style into your home.

One way to make use out of old hardcover books is by lining them up and wrapping them in Jute. For this quick and easy DIY I left the books unaltered, giving it more character. When creating a knife rack you do not need to put them in size order, Instead use the bigger sized books towards the middle and the shorter ones on the sides. This will evenly distribute the weight and give your knife rack more stability.

I love the way these look in my Kitchen, it brings in that rustic feel and has become a great conversation piece.

Quick and easy book DIY’s can be created using paperback books. Begin by tearing off the cover, then using a stamp and stamp pad add a simple quote or wording to your book stack, finish this look by adding some ribbon and faux greenery. Little touches such as these will add to the simplicity and finish off with a delicate look.

Books can also be used to create a personalized decorative piece, by adding a name(s) with a specific color. When adding paint colors to a book or book stack use hardcover books for a more clean and even finish.

Simplicity is key! Sometimes just stamping and adding a little bit of Jute is all you need. You don’t always have to add florals or colors to make a statement. A book stack such as this can be placed anywhere in a home and still makes a huge statement by simply choosing your words wisely!

Create your own decorative piece using book pages and some Mod Podge. I used this small plastic basket to create an artsy little conversation piece and placed it in my guest bedroom. Adding in a soft quilt blanket and a couple of good books to read will make your guest feel right at home.

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