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6 Playroom Must Haves


Adding a creative area in a playroom gives the little ones a place for coloring playing games or having a snack in their own space. Simple little touches like a small table, art easel and board games will finish off this look perfectly.


Elements for a great Playroom Space:

  • Storage for toys and games to keep things organized
  • Shelving for books and fun decorative items
  • Sitting areas for reading, coloring or snacking
  • Easy to reach bins
  • Educational pieces such as a Globe or Map
  • Easel/Dry erase board to inspire creativity and learning
wood bins

Transform the space by adding soft wood tones with accent wall Decor and shelving. Replacing plastic bins with wood bin storage cubes is the way to go when looking for durable storage solutions. These were made to size and stained to match colors that were incorporated into the room.

Adding educational wall art, comfy seating and fun print throw pillows adds a stylish and cozy touch to the room.


A photo collage of the little ones enjoying fun times and some inexpensive DIY decor is a great way to add personal touches to the space and keep you right on budget! This wall sign made from wooden box tops & stencil and a canvas with a simple quote and jute twine added the perfect touch to this wall space.


Use accent shelving and add some fun decorative pieces. These dinosaur planters came as a set of two and were purchased on Amazon for under $10. Incorporating personalized books is a very inexpensive way to add the perfect touch to the space.

Keep coloring items in an easy to reach rack with buckets such as this one pictured over the table and purchased @Ikea for under $4. Wrapping rope around an inexpensive hamper basket is a decorative and simple way to create storage for cuddly stuffed toys. Find inexpensive ways to add to your decor by shopping second hand. This solid wood table was in great condition and was purchased on Marketplace for $40… What a steal!!

Utilize wall space with shelving, add some books and a fun wall sign that will designate an area in the room that may inspire your little ones to grab a book and read on their own.

No need to change the wall color when recreating a playroom.. work with what you have by simply incorporating the things that will keep those little ones entertained and eager to learn while keeping the space organized with all the elements that make perfect use of the space.

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