Hello and Welcome!! What an amazing feeling it is to be here and to share with you how my personal journey has guided me to this place in my life. I have always had a true desire of decorating and crafting but after my divorce and having to raise two boys on my own I faced challenges that limited my “ME” time. Lets just say my love of crafting was always there but went in a different direction utilizing my craftiness for holiday decorations, school projects and Halloween costumes.

That time has since passed and my two brilliant sons have moved out and are successful in their own careers. I couldn’t be more prouder!! While I miss those times of creating a costume of their favorite character or working on homemade ornaments to give out for Christmas at Nana & Papa’s, I am finding that being an empty nester has allowed my creativity and my ideas to flow uninterrupted.

I am excited to have a way in which to share some crafty, high end looks on the lower end of a budget, I have learned to keep cost down and creativity up. I recently lost a friend who was truly dear to me, she retired and one week later she was gone; never given the chance to enjoy what she had worked so many years toward. It made me rethink my future plans. I decided not to waste another moment doing anything that truly does not make my heart happy, it was a true eye opener and a reset to a stressful type of lifestyle. I have truly found that place where I am in control of what I do with my time, how I do it, when I do it and most importantly what chalk paint color I will choose to do it with !! LOL ..