DIY $3 Boho Basket

This was an easy and inexpensive craft project that gives off a more high end vibe. This basket only cost $1 dollar @dollartree but now has the appearance of something from Pier 1.

what you will need

The items needed for this project:

  • Plastic basket (from dollar tree)
  • Large Jute or rope in two different colors for contrast
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Paint or Spray Paint
separating rope

Separate the rope into three sections. I could not find nautical rope in stock @dollar tree so I opted for a dog rope that I found in the pet section. I love the colors and the amount of coverage that only one of these ropes gave to this project.

start glueing

Using the first colored rope start to hot glue at the bottom, back end of the basket. Anytime you glue or connect the next color roping it will not be visible in the front or on the sides.

continue to wrap and glue

Continue to wrap and glue around the edges starting at the bottom and working your way up from there, going mid to half way up the basket. I chose to use the first roping color 1/4 way up the basket.

cut where leaving off

When you are ready to start your second contrast color of rope, cut at an angle and secure the end piece with hot glue.

add second rope

Starting from where you left off, hot glue the second rope so that both are connected in the back . Begin going around, and securing the rope with glue at the back of the basket each time and in the same section.

continue to handles

Continue the roping around both handles of the basket by simply going around and securing it tightly. When reaching the end of each handle simply cut the excess rope and use hot glue to hold on the inside of basket.

braiding rope

Measure the basket going around the top and cut one piece of rope to fit completely around, then separate into three like pieces and braid.

glue braid

Glue the braided piece of rope around the top edge of the inside of the basket, using a hot glue gun.

painting inside basket

When I completed the basket I was not fond of how the white inside of it looked and decided to paint in a more neutral tone that would compliment the basket. I used a small sponge brush and Oatmeal chalk paint from Home Decor.

oatmeal color paint

I am happy with the way it turned out, painting the inside of the basket was a good decision. The color was subtle and as natural in appearance as the outside of the basket which gave the basket a higher end look.

added loose rope

To add a decorative touch to the front of the basket use the extra pieces that were cut off when ending each colored section. Secure it to the basket with hot glue and you’re all done!! This multifunctional basket can be used to house towels or quilts or by simply adding it to any room as a decorative piece.


added loose rope

DIY Basket

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Very Easy


  • Nautical Rope
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Basket
  • Chalk paint or spray paint


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Paint the inside of the basket to your desired color
  2. Unwind rope to make three even strands
  3. Glue the rope strands one at a time starting at the back and going around basket with first color rope 1/4 way up the basket then continue with second color of choice, from bottom to top
  4. Continue wrapping rope around each handle, and cut to fit & then glue
  5. Measure around the top and widest part of the basket
  6. Cut three like strands of rope to the size of measurement (listed in step five)
  7. Braid the three strands
  8. Glue braided strands at the top, inside the basket
  9. Use extra rope and leftover strands to make a hanging decor for the front of basket (completely optional)

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