DIY 6ft Farmhouse Ladder

DIY Farmhouse Quilt Ladder

This was a very budget friendly project that took very minimal time to complete. The finished product looks high end, but the cost was less than six dollars!!


DIY Farmhouse Quilt Ladder

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty Very Easy
Estimated Cost 6.0


  • TWO - 1inch x 2 inch x 8 boards
  • Wood stain
  • Wood stain conditioner
  • 1-2 cloths


  • Electric Drill (Screwdriver) or Manual Screwdriver
  • Screws -1 1/2 inch
  • Measuring Tape


  1. Have both 8 foot boards cut to 6 feet
  2. Have the 4 feet boards left, cut into 1 foot sections
  3. Measure and mark 1ft areas on each side of the 6ft boards
  4. Screw into each of the previous markings made on both sides of the boards, going through the board and each of the one foot steps.
  5. Condition all sides and each piece of all the wood pieces
  6. Stain all sides and each Piece of all the wood pieces
  7. With a dry cloth wipe any excess stain from all areas of the Ladder
  8. Let dry for approximately 2-3 hours
  9. Add decorative items/quilts

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