Thrift Store Haul

thriftstore haul

I’m calling this piece …”Cuteness in a Bottle” I purchased these 3 glass milk jug bottles at my local thrift store for .99 cents per bottle, and used a plastic container that I purchased at Dollar Tree. I added a bit of chalk paint, twine and some greenery and it resulted in this cute farmhouse decorative accent piece. If I had purchased something similar at a store, I’m pretty sure it would have cost me more than $4 dollars!!

goodwill steal

I absolutely love shopping at my local thriftstore! Each purchase that I make at Goodwill allows me the opportunity to give back to my community & use my creativity to reinvent old items by bringing them up to date with more current decorative styles.

needed items

What was used for this Project:

  • Rust Oleum Linen White Chalk paint
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint -Black
  • Rust Oleum Bronze Metallic Spray Paint
  • Jute
  • Paint brush/Sponge brush
  • Sanding Block Sponge
  • 3 Glass decorative milk Jugs
  • Greenery
spraypainting container

You can display the jugs freestanding on any surface, but I decided to add a container that the Jugs could be placed inside of to give it a higher end and more finished look. I purchased this organizer plastic container from Dollar Tree and used my Rust Oleaum Spray paint in Metallic Bronze.

painting jugs

Using your chalk paint gently stroke in an up/down motion with a soft haired paint brush until all three jugs are completly covered and if needed add a second coat. You can also use white spray paint to cover the bottles however, I used White Linen Chalk paint for this project to give it a more dull and aged look.

all three painted

When all three are completely painted, if needed add a second coat and let dry for about 30 minutes.

enamel look finish

Using your black acrylic paint and a sponge paint brush tap/dab black paint around the top edges of the bottle and the bottom as well. This will give your decorative bottles an enamel like and aged look.


Giving your decorative bottles a more aged look is simple and easy. Take your sanding block and gently glide on any parts of the bottle where you want to add a distressed look. I used very minimal amounts of distressing in this project because I didnt want to take away from the simplicity of this pretty little decorative piece.

add jute

Use Jute to make a decorative bow around the top of the bottle and if needed, you can use hot glue to secure in place.

finish with greenery

To finish off this sweet little project add greenery to each bottle. I chose a small bush of soft green with white baby breaths that I had left over from another project. but use any florals depending on your specific style or for the current season.

thrift haul

Whether adding Daisies in the Summer, Holly Berries during the Winter, Lavender during Spring or Sunflowers in the Fall, this sweet Farmhouse decorative piece can be used continuously throughout the year and during any season.

I absolutely loved adding this to my decor and know that I will continue to display it for many seasons to come!!

DIY Decorative Glass Jugs

thrift haul
Active Time 1 hour
Additional Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 hour 1 minute
Difficulty Very Easy


  • Rust Oleum Linen White Chalk paint
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint -Black
  • Rust Oleum Bronze Metallic Spray Paint
  • Jute
  • Paint brush/Sponge brush
  • Sanding Block Sponge
  • 3 Glass decorative milk Jugs
  • Greenery


  • none


  1. Spray paint plastic container that will be used to display bottles, Using the Bronze colored Rusto leum spray paint.
  2. Using white linen chalk paint and a soft haired paint brush, paint all 3 jugs using an up and down - top to bottom stroke method.
  3. Wait 20- 30 minutes until all paint is completely dried (if desired apply second coat)
  4. Using the black acrylic paint, and sponge brush tap/dab the black paint onto the rim at the top and the rim at the bottom of each bottle, this will give an enameled effect to the bottles for a more aged look. (allow about 15 minutes to dry)
  5. Using sander block distress each bottle to preferred look, for this project keep in mind that less is more.
  6. Wrap jute around the edge of the neck of each bottle and tie into a decorative bow.
  7. Add greenery to each bottle
  8. Place into decorative container and display.

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