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We all have that local shop outside of the big chain stores that gives us that warm and cozy feeling from the moment you walk in the door. Well mine is a cute little store located in the Downtown, Lakeland area. It has that one of a kind feel and makes for a great shopping experience!

Visiting my favorite little spot and picking up some great finds is never a day wasted! This is my “go to” place when I need to reboot my creativity and get some inspiration to dig into new projects.

The store is always redecorated to reflect each of the current seasons and almost every carefully chosen item displayed is also up for grabs.

Whether its Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall the current season Decor never falls short of spectacular throughout this sweet and cozy store.

Unique faux florals to bring your decor into the feel of the current season are displayed throughout the store with invigorating styles, colors and textures.

Eye catching and very simple touches make for great conversation pieces, such as an old vintage lamp without the typical lamp shade.


The simple elements and well thought out design, never fall short of rustic and charming.

When I find something that I absolutely love and know would work well with my decor, I try to recreate it to personally fit the look and style of my home.

A Huge display of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint adorns the check out area wall. I absolutely love how a sample of each color is displayed on a faux peach that sits on top of each individual can of paint. Its a small touch that makes such a big impression!

Locally grown Honey samples are available for tasting, and a selection of displayed flavors are available for purchase.

Planters and greenery are incorporated in many areas around the store bringing natural elements indoors as well as outdoors.

This creative outdoor planter is displayed at the back of the store, and sits on a ledge in front of a small garden area.

There is so much to see, from one of a kind handmade jewelry, beautifully refurbished Furniture, and wall art displayed throughout the entire store.

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I set aside my day for a visit here so that I can take my time looking around at all the little details and try not to miss a thing!

Living in Florida and not a far distance from all the tourist attractions, I make this charming little store a must see whenever I have guest in from out of town.

From the exposed brick walls, various textures and warm color pallets, this unique shop has all the elements that make it visually appealing, warm and welcoming.

I am obsessed with this beautiful throw and pillows.. the beautiful tones of rose, cream and soft mustard give off that Fall cozy feeling! I didn’t pick them up but I think I will!!

My day of shopping always ends with a stop at my favorite locally owned coffee shop located directly across the street. I never leave Downtown Lakeland without stopping into Mitchells for some freshly brewed coffee and a warm tasty pastry.

Decisions, Decisions…..

I love showing off the local businesses in the area, and taking pride in the great community I live in, If you are ever in the Central Florida area take a stroll in and let them know your gawky2chalky friend sent you!!

If you are unable to shop at the store, you can visit scoutandtag on Instagram or Facebook for some great inspiration or shop www.scoutandtag.com online for beautiful home decor.

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