This was a fun, easy and very budget friendly decorative project that took 30 minutes to do including prep and drying time


I went to Hobby Lobby and saw this decorative Medallion table decor, I wanted to add this piece to my newly decorated BOHO bedroom, but I did not want to pay this price for a smaller piece.

what you will need
  • I used a small gift box from dollar tree (came in a pack of 3)
  • scissors
  • 1 wooden dowel (pack of 10 for 1.89 @ hobby lobby)
  • twine
  • black and metallic gold rust-oleum spray paint
  • hot glue gun
  • 1 plywood circle (comes in a 6 pk for 3.29@hobby lobby)
  • 1 old tablemat (dollar tree purchase)
  • Used 3 rocks from outdoor (you can use another weight item)
glue weght

Glue the rocks or weight item to the top of the box this will keep it from tipping over once the medallion and wooden dowel are glued onto the box.

seal box

Use a hot glue gun to secure all 4 side of the box tipping the nose of your glue gun into the open edges.

trace circle

Place plywood circle in the center of table mat and carefully cut around until it is the same size of the plywood circle.

exact even cut

The plywood circle and the cut out table mat circle should be exactly the same size, making it easy to attach them together and give full coverage of the wood circle.

glue together

With the hot glue gun evenly distribute glue onto wooden circle and then place mat on top, press down and secure it to the wood.

spraypaint box

Spray paint all four of the sides and the top of the box with black matte Rust-oleum spraypaint.

spraypaint gold

Use Gold Metallic Rust-oleum spray paint to evenly paint wooden dowel and medallion replica both front and back.


Use twine and hot glue to wrap the twine and secure it to the bottom of the box it is turned upside down and the twine should cover the actual top of the box.

make hole at top of box

Poke a hole at the top of box and push the wooden dowel through,use hot glue around edges, I added twine around the bottom of the wood dowel to hold it in place more securely .


This piece was a perfect addition to my BOHO room décor, it took very little time and was budget friendly, if I had chosen to purchase the piece I saw at Hobby Lobby, I would have spent over $12 dollars more so I am glad I chose to recreate it myself.

DIY Medallian Decor


Decorative Medallion

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • Hot glue gun, textured table mat, small box, jute, plywood circle, wooden dowel, gold spray paint and black spray paint and weight item such as rocks.


  • hot glue gun, scissors


  1. glue weight item into box
  2. seal box closed with hot glue
  3. trace table mat from the plywood circle
  4. cut out traced circle so both plywood circle and table mat are now the same size
  5. glue mat to plywood circle
  6. spray paint box black
  7. spray paint wooden dowel and both sided of plywood circle and mat.
  8. wait until fully dried
  9. glue jute around the bottom of the box until covered half way up
  10. glue the plywood circle to the wooden dowel
  11. make hole in the box and stick dowel through
  12. add hotglue to base of dowel to secure ( i also added jute to base of dowel for additional security)

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