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Merry & Bright Holiday Decor

Nothing screams “Happy Holidays” like the vibrant colors of the season and the warmth created by adding touches of Green and Red that are sure to make your Holiday season Merry & Bright!

Who says wreaths have to be hung at the front door? There are many creative ways to use door wreaths to add special touches to your indoor space. Adding a wreath to a decorative window or shutter will bring your existing decor into the current Holiday season.

Hanging snow covered wreaths with a Holiday inspired buffalo print ribbon transformed the look of this dark accent wall and added a rustic vibe while incorporating traditional Christmas colors.

Illuminate any area by hanging a well lit wreath on a decorative ladder giving off a warm and cozy feel.

Create a Rustic centerpiece by using old mason jars, a touch of greenery, berries, and buffalo plaid ribbon. Keeping the jars clear and adding the little extras will give you the budget friendly option of reusing them to recreate decor for every season.

Style up an old glass pitcher or vase by using Epsom Salt and Mod Podge to create a beautiful shimmering effect, then add some Holiday inspired greenery to finish off an elegant look.

Metallic decor paired with holiday inspired greenery will emanate a Rustic vibe and add the perfect touch to Farmhouse Decor.

Adding decorative Trees to a window shelf will bring the holiday season inside and out! Whether your home decor style is modern, traditional or farmhouse any decor would work well with touches of Greenery and Holiday traditional colors.

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