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Shelves & Décor under $12

So there I was standing in my drab looking Laundry Room when I decided to add a fresh coat of white paint and a dark accent trim paint color behind the washer and dryer. Before …

finished look

DIY Faux Wood

Crafty DIY with very little cost and that took about ten minutes to complete…from start to finish! A very quick and simple DIY on how to turn Dollar Tree bath accessories into a beautiful faux …

thriftstore haul

Thrift Store Haul

I’m calling this piece …”Cuteness in a Bottle” I purchased these 3 glass milk jug bottles at my local thrift store for .99 cents per bottle, and used a plastic container that I purchased at …


DIY Hamper to Patio Table

This simple little project is a creative way of turning an old hamper basket into a chic and trendy outdoor Patio table. After completing my laundry room makeover, and no longer using this old plastic …

DIY Farmhouse Quilt Ladder

DIY 6ft Farmhouse Ladder

This was a very budget friendly project that took very minimal time to complete. The finished product looks high end, but the cost was less than six dollars!! I love farmhouse décor, and I wanted …

added loose rope


This was an easy and inexpensive craft project that gives off a more high end vibe. This basket only cost $1 dollar @dollartree but now has the appearance of something from Pier 1. The items …

Update an old item
Home Decor

Restyle an Old Item

Here is a quick and easy way to bring a bland decorative item up to date, with simple color and your own personal & creative style Before you grow tired of an item in your …


DIY $6 Decorative Ladder

This decorative DIY is an inexpensive way to add a subtle touch of farmhouse charm with very little effort or time. This project was fast and easy to do, it took very little time to …

before and after

Rust to Restoration

This was a very quick and easy repair using two very simple steps which included a sander and “in my opinion” one amazing appliance product. This was the damage caused to my Laundry Dryer after …



This was a fun, easy and very budget friendly decorative project that took 30 minutes to do including prep and drying time I went to Hobby Lobby and saw this decorative Medallion table decor, I …