Shelves & Décor under $12

placing clips

So there I was standing in my drab looking Laundry Room when I decided to add a fresh coat of white paint and a dark accent trim paint color behind the washer and dryer. Before I knew it I found myself looking through my wood supply bin and my craft closet for some items that I could use to spruce it up a bit.

before and after

I love how this simple makeover changed the look of my laundry room space while using some of my crafting items to create some decorative pieces. The best part about this project was that with all the decorative items; including the shelving and hardware the budget stayed well under $12 total. Now that’s the type of project I love using my creativity to work on!!!

displaying planters

Here is what I used in this project and the cost :

  • 2 wood shelves from my local Habitat Store for $2
  • Greenery from Michaels(with coupon) for $2
  • Framed dry board (dollar tree)$1
  • Hardware two sets (dollar tree)$2
  • Two plastic bins-comes in a pack of 3 @(dollar tree) $1
  • One pack of clothing pins (dollar tree) $1
  • Two desk organizer storage containers (Dollar Tree) $2
  • This adorable look and shelf décor came to a total of “DRUMROLL PLEASE”…. $11 DOLLARS!!!
what you need

I created the clothespin planters using one pack of clothespins, gelstain in oak color and two desk organizers; one round and one rectangular.


To create a darker wood look on the clothespins I added the gel stain in oak color on the front and back of each clothespin and let them dry for 30 minutes

placing clips

Once the clothespins were completely dried , I carefully attached each pin all the way around the edges of both planter bases.

placing clothes pins

After attaching all the clothespins completely around both of the planter bases I cut floral foam to fit inside each planter and hot glued them to each base.

faux plants greenery

To complete the look of the planters I used floral foam to keep the floral arrangements in place and some light colored greenery. To secure the floral foam down I used hot glue before adding the greenery.

decorative bins

These small plastic bins were purchased at dollar tree in a set of three, I used two of them for this project and by simply adding a little paint, some rope and stickers I created some additional cute and inexpensive decorative pieces to add to the laundry room shelves.

laundry sign

The look on this project was completed by adding a framed dry erase board with sticker letters to create a cute laundry room decorative sign.

finished look

Completing this look was as cheap as it gets!!! Recreating what used to be considered drab and uninviting into a charming and cozy laundry area. Isn’t it funny how little decorative touches and some fresh paint can make you appreciate a small and drab space in your home!? I find myself wanting to go in there a bit more often than I used to before this makeover…Well, onto the next project time to add a couple of more decorative and useful items to this space.

Clothing pin planters

planter finish

Creating planters out of clothing pins

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Very Easy


  • clothing pins
  • planter base(s)
  • greenery
  • floral foam
  • gel stain
  • sponge paint brush


  • glue gun


  1. stain all clothing pins front and back with wood gel stain
  2. let dry
  3. attach to planter base, by clipping each one going around base until completely covered

DIY Decorative Laundry Bins

diy bins
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Very Easy


  • Plastic Bins
  • Nautical rope
  • Grey chalk Paint
  • Letter Stickers
  • Hot Glue
  • Mini decorative clothes pins


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Evenly place painters tape around each of the bins top and bottom leaving an even space in the middle for painting
  2. Paint within the lines of the tape and let dry
  3. Add on sticker letters to front of each bin
  4. Hot glue nautical rope around the bottom edge of the bin (I added two rows )

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